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Charterhouse Strategic Land is the strategic land promotion arm of Charterhouse Property Group, an established property investment and development company founded in 1994.

Since the groups inception it has invested in a diverse range of property with a bias towards residential and employment development. Charterhouse has been acquiring, promoting, trading and developing strategic land since 2006 when we acquired several land parcels as part of a property portfolio with a view to seeking planning gain and an uplift in the land value. Consequentially we now operate across England with strategic landholding interests from Kent to Bristol and up into the Midlands.

Charterhouse’s business strategy is to identify and deliver new development opportunities. We believe we bring more to a partnership than just funding.

We take control of all aspects of the promotion to drive the land forward. We take time understanding the intricacies of the local market, working with stakeholders to create the most desirable planning permission.

Our ultimate goal is to promote development which maximise land value through the creation of well-designed environments, effective and efficient use of land. We do this by taking land through the complex planning sphere that is the English planning system using our in-house expertise and experience. Our in-house experience has delivered over 3,500 new homes with a value to landowners of almost £200 million.

We are currently active on some 305 acres which has the potential capacity to deliver a supply of just over 4,000 new homes, and as a privately owned company, Charterhouse is able to make quick strategic decisions about new land opportunities.

At Charterhouse Strategic Land we adopt a flexible approach, tailoring our strategy to each and every circumstance. Talk to our professional team for more information...

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As a selling agent you could not ask for a better purchaser than Charterhouse. They act quickly, professionally and deliver on what has been promised, which makes recommending them to our clients a mush easier process

Mark Presland

During the whole process with Charterhouse we found them to be diligent, straightforward in their dealings with us and were prepared to go the extra mile in keeping us informed of what was happening. There was considerable opposition to the planning application to which Charterhouse executed an excellent strategy to nullify the opposition and gain traction with the planning committee. I can’t recommend them enough

Andrew Holding | Landowner